Bell and The Rev hit H-town this afternoon.

For Every Action, There Is a Jackson

Recently, gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman stumped in Texas with his pal Jesse Ventura. You may remember Ventura as the former pro wrestler who defied haters and was actually elected governor of Minnesota, thanks in large part to young voters. Here in the Lone Star state, Ventura provided some campaigning muscle (he's a rather large fellow) for the Kinkster, challenging voters to be as "brave as Minnesotans." Dun-dun-duuuun!

The lesson: Jesse + campaign = boost in turnout. So today, candidate for guvnah Chris Bell comes to Houston with his own Jesse — one Reverend J. Jackson. Bell and Jackson will meet students and teachers at Worthington High School just after lunchtime, and will then chat with senior citizens at the Sunnyside Multipurpose Service Center at 1:30 p.m.

This ought to really help with Bell's MySpace adds. And we can't wait to see if the Reverend has any challenges for Texas voters. Who knows, this could be the making of a WWE-styled Tag Team smackdown... -- Steven Devadanam

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