For Flag Day: The 10 Worst National Flags

We don't just hate certain American state flags here; we also hate the following ten foreign abominations of design, symmetry and good taste. It is less our opinion than it is scientific fact that these are, without a doubt, the ten worst national flags in the world.

10. St. Lucia Does this flag represent a country, or a Bond villain's shadowy fake corporation? Or is it just a rip-off of the Starship Enterprise logo?


9. Bosnia and Herzegovina Like St Lucia, the Bosnian flag looks less like a national symbol than it does a corporate logo. It also looks like something I would have doodled in sixth grade math class, and I suck at art big-time.


8. Cyprus As another commenter put it, it looks like a plate of scrambled eggs garnished with cilantro. Plus, maps on flags are wack as a rule.


7. Libya We're hoping that when and if this uprising ever ends with a rebel victory, the new rulers of Muammar's freaky petro-desert will see fit to replace this ridiculously uncreative green rag with something, anything else.

6. Belize Why are those hunky cricket players not wearing shirts, and why is one of them carrying an ax? Or are they a couple of Village People awaiting the arrival of the rest of their uniforms?

5. Central African Republic Even though this flag is static, it seems just as capable of causing seizures as those frenetic, bright-light Japanese cartoons back in the '90s.


4. Mozambique With a fixed-bayonet AK and a book of the names of those whose asses will be capped in the emblem, Mozambique easily snatches the title as the owner of the world's most gangsta flag.

3. Nepal It would look cool dangling off the end of a lance at a joust, but it looks kind of ridiculous and vandalized on a flagpole.

2. Turkmenistan Let's say you are describing the effects of LSD to a talented artist who happens to be ten years old, and that kid is attempting to draw what you are telling him: "Yeah, and there were these multi-colored patterns, like swirling around, and scrolling past vertically, and I could see the moon and stars through the trees..." That kid would totally draw this flag.


1. Guinea-Bissau Is this what the Texas flag looks like to color-blind people? Man, if the Lone Star flag looked like that to me, I'd move.


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