For Hitler's Birthday: Five Public-Relations Disasters Involving People Wearing Nazi Uniforms

Happy Adolf Hitler's Birthday!! Just try celebrating, though. Wear one Nazi costume these days and you'll find yourself apologizing for weeks. Especially if you're, like, the prince of England or something.

The world is full of people who thought it was a great idea to don Nazi garb only to learn differently after photos got out.

Among them:

5. Japanese pop Group Kishidan and Sony Music Sony Music Japan had a hot pop group called Kishidan who liked to dress bizarrely (our limited contact with Japanese pop groups would seem to indicate they all like to dress bizarrely, but we may be wrong). They were scheduled to appear on MTV Japan in a big show.

How to dress them? Like Nazis!!!! Great idea. Until the Simon Wiesenthal Center learned about it and got all huffy, as if it's any business of theirs. Sony and the group apologized profusely.

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