For Labor Day: The 10 Worst Bosses in TV Cartoons

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9. The Brain Outsize ambition and ego combined with sheer incompetence gets you Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders. As long as The Brain is in charge of making plans to dominate the world, the world will remain undominated.

8. Head Elf A martinet obsessed with the dehumanizing (de-elfing?) assembly line. Fails to spot individual talent and use it to further company goals for too long. Probably a real asshole about sick days, too.

7. Cosmo Spacely We fully understand the sprocket industry is a cutthroat one, but that's no reason to take out your disappointing domestic life on your hardworking employees. Oh, and the Hitler mustache -- it's tough to pull off that look, no matter how many years it's been since WWII.

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