For One Brief, Shining Moment.....

The word went forth at 9:30 this morning. Christina Garza, spokesperson for Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia, e-mailed reporters to tell them of a new development.

"Sheriff Announces Employee Bill of Rights," read the e-mail header.

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia has developed an Employee Bill of Rights for his agency after extensive talks with employee groups, supervisors, County Attorney Vince Ryan's staff and the Houston Police Department (HPD). The Bill of Rights encodes new policies aimed at guaranteeing fairness and consistency in the investigation of performance complaints against employees as well as in how punishment is meted out for proven infractions.

Glorious day!! Rejoice, employees!!!

Not so fast.

At 9:39 Garza sent a new e-mail: "Recall: Sheriff Announces New Bill of Rights."

"Garza, Christina (HCSO) would like to recall the message, 'SHERIFF ANNOUNCES EMPLOYEE BILL OF RIGHTS,'" it read.

Damn. If only you'd been accused of an infraction during those momentous nine minutes when tyranny was overthrown and the Rights of Man ruled. Adrian Garcia giveth, and he taketh away.

Not to worry too much, though. Minutes later the original e-mail was re-sent, this time with the preamble to the policy attached.

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