For the Astros' Home Opener: An Epic Collection of Astrodome Scoreboard Cartoons

The Astros finally have their home opener today, coming in with a 1-5 record BUT with a one-game winning streak.

The fans who come out to the game, assuming there are some, will be introduced to the gargantuan new HD screen that owner Drayton McLane has installed to further make Minute Maid Park feel less and less like a ballfield.

We're sure there will be all kinds of in-your-face graphics and loud music.

Of course, it's not like the Astros have a long history of a quiet, traditional ballpark experience. The Astrodome was a modern marvel, including the scoreboard. Appearing regularly on that board were animated cartoons way back in the day, and we've found a ten-minute collection of them on YouTube.

You may never wish to hear that "Charge!" music after this, but the collection includes a donkey humping a horn player, a bull carrying a man to a rocket ship (Hey, it was the Sixties, man) and individual cartoons for each opponent showing them falling on their face, either figuratively or literally.

All this preceded our time here in Houston, but even if you never experienced it firsthand, you can see how big, distracting graphics have always been a part of the Astros experience.

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Richard Connelly
Contact: Richard Connelly