For The Family That Has Everything: FLDS "Prophet" Warren Jeffs' Sermons For Sale On eBay

If you never had a chance to hear Fundamentalist Mormon prophet/alleged child-rapist Warren Jeffs wax philosophical on such heady issues like marrying your underage cousin and why blacks are an inferior race, now's your chance: cassettes of Jeffs' sermons are now available on eBay.

Jay Beswick, a child welfare advocate and professional thorn in the side of the FLDS said that, over the years, he's bought 550 tapes from folks who were kicked out of the church. He says he's donated some to libraries and given some to state attorneys general in Utah and Arizona, who have tried unsuccessfully to prosecute Jeffs for being a really creepy dude. And now, he says, he's given some to Texas prosecutors in advance of Jeffs' upcoming extradition to the Lone Star state, where he's been charged with bigamy and aggravated sexual assault of two underage girls in the Yearning for Zion compound in West Texas.

So far, there are no bids on a tape of Jeffs' March 12, 2002 sermon -- which actually might be a good thing, since, Beswick says, it's historically been FLDS members doing all the buying in order to suppress the tapes.

"The FLDS didn't really want those tapes out there," he tells Hair Balls. While he hasn't listened to the tape currently on eBay, he says that "In some of [them] he talks about, you know, polygamy and grooming people for marriages," and also on why blacks will be the last race on Earth given the opportunity to accept God.

Beswick says he's not trying to get rich off the cassettes; he only wants to recoup his expenditure. So why not chip in and get your own little piece of insider freaky cult memorabilia? You can convert it to CD and listen to it in the minivan on the next family road trip!

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