For the Nixon Resignation Anniversary: 8 Pictures of Him Looking Extremely Awkward

Our long national nightmare ended 37 years ago Monday, when Richard Nixon became the only president (so far) to resign from the office.

Nixon's career has always been fascinating, and modern audiences have a difficult time understanding how someone who was so not made for the camera could win the White House.

It wasn't just his appearance: Few prominent people have been as uncomfortable in their skin as Nixon. (We mean physically, but obviously it's not limited to that.)

Here are eight pictures showing Nixon at his awkward best.

8. When will this black man stop hugging me? A famous shot from a re-election rally. Sammy Davis Jr. never lived it down, but at least he enjoyed the moment more than the stiff Nixon.

7. The world's saddest dog Yes, that's Checkers, made famous in the speech that saved Nixon's career. And that's Nixon, ignoring his dog's baleful look while pretending to read a newspaper.

6. With a yo-yo and Roy Acuff At the Grand Ole Opry, Nixon not only failed with the yo-yo, he tried to tell the audience about a dinner at the White House with recently released POWs:

We had some fine Hollywood stars, you know, singing some of the more modern music that is --well, it is a little hard to understand. I mean, well, I was going to say a moment ago, you have a tendency to pay a little more attention to what the girls are not wearing than hearing the music, but you did a little of that tonight here, too, I can see. But she could sing, she could sing.

Richard Nixon, ladies and gentlemen!

5. Likes deep talks and walks on the beach (in wing tips) Nothing says "relaxing" like walking through the lapping waves in your best broughams.

4. Come as you are The Nixons sure did like to dress up for the beach, didn't they?

3. This is not posed at all Nixon in what we must assume is the typical bicycling outfit of the time, a time when ties were required on apparently all occasions. We're glad the family was able to spare a little of the tie budget for The World's Unsafest Baby Seat.

2. Share some buds We grant you there's probably not many ways to look graceful while getting a Budweiser poured over your head, but Nixon at least doesn't look pissed. Points for that.

1. And of course.... No one has not seen this picture:

But we prefer the one with members of the Memphis Mafia, if only for the "Get these guys out of my office NOW" feel behind the mask of trying to look like he gives a shit what Elvis is blathering on about.

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