For Your Own Sanity, Avoid The Galleria Area This Week

We tend to avoid the whole Galleria area as much as possible, but we are reliably informed it is a popular destination with some segments of the public.

Not tonight, though.

TranStar has announced the intersection of Post Oak Boulevard and San Felipe will be completely closed down from 7 pm tonight until 5 am Monday.

"There's no real reason for it; we just thought it'd be fun," TranStar officials didn't say. Instead they offered some lame rationale about repaving as part of the ongoing renovation, blah, blah, blah.

But we're thinking it's going to be a giant mess.

They do offer an alternative:

To coincide with the closure of the intersection of the San Felipe and Post Oak Boulevard, the Uptown Houston TIRZ recently completed the new Post Oak Lane, which runs north and south connecting San Felipe to Ambassador Way. Post Oak Lane runs perpendicular to San Felipe, allowing drivers to travel from Woodway to Westheimer without accessing Post Oak Boulevard.

But we're pessimistic. So, despite our heartfelt desire to while away a few hours strolling through Nordstrom's and Neiman-Marcus this weekend, we're going to take a pass.

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Richard Connelly
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