Forced to Listen to Rush Limbaugh: Five Reasons This Woman Should Be Thankful

As first reported in the Houston Chronicle, Bridgett Nickerson Boyd is suing Harris County and a county sheriff's deputy for, among other things, forcing her to listen to Rush Limbaugh after an arrest.

Now, among the "other things" is that she was arrested for driving on the shoulder of the road, charges that were pretty quickly dismissed, and that the way she was treated forced her to seek medical treatment for distress.

What's getting attention is her claim that she was forced to listen to Limbaugh make derogatory comments about blacks as she was taken to jail.

This is, obviously, preposterous. For five reasons:

5. Rush is not racist He says so. His dittoheads say so. Ergo, anyone who makes the above claim is, via prima facie evidence, a racist. As opposed to Rush, who's not.

4. Would you rather be forced to listen to Jim Rome? That's your other option. Or, comically, you can listen to Clear Channel's other rightwing AM radio station in town, which counterprograms Rush -- the god their listeners worship -- with The High-Tech Texan and Outlaw Dave.

3. "Barack the Magic Negro" was not played during the imprisonment Nothing is more hilarious during the Rush Limbaugh show -- not counting the hypocrisy and bald-faced lying, of course -- than the uproarious parody songs by Paul Shanklin. A modern-day combination of Tom Lehrer and Voltaire, Shanklin's incisive dissecting of liberals can indeed cause emotional distress -- to Democrats forced to face the truth. The laff-riot "Barack the Magic Negro" is Exhibit A of truth causing liberal dismay -- but it wasn't played during Nickerson-Boyd's little joyride in the deputy's car. Ipso facto, no emotional distress.

2. Anyone who opposes Rush is un-American Some would argue that Rush Limbaugh himself hates America, since he distorts history, the Constitution, the whole notion of fair play and basically a million other things America stands for. We're sure if he was broadcasting 50 or 60 years ago, he would have been on the right side of history when it came to state's rights and the civil rights movement. So anyone who criticizes him is obviously a commie, or a socialist or a Democrat who hates guns.

1. What, education is a bad thing? You know libs -- always going on and on about "education." By which they mean "government schools." Government!!! But present these pinkos with a real educational opportunity -- the chance to enlighten a poor minority soul with the wisdom and unimpeachable logic of Limbaugh -- and they run like cockroaches from the light.

We believe the Harris County Sheriff's Department need only prove the plaintiff is a Feminazi to get this case dismissed.

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