Ford Cummings: Enters Jail Armed, Tries to Convince Jailers He's a DEA Agent and Needs an Inmate Released

Ford Truitt Cummings, 32, is: a) Ballsy b) Dumb c) Perhaps too dismissive of the brainpower of Nacogdoches cops d) All of the above, mixing together in a marvelous piece of East Texas humanity

We've got to go with d) here, folks. Maybe your assessment will differ.

We do know this, via KTRE: Cummings approached the Nacogdoches County Jail Around midnight Tuesday.

Once inside, as jailers took note of the pistol in his belt, Cummings informed them he was a drug-enforcement agent and he needed to have an inmate released to his custody right now.

Potential flaw in his plan: "Tucked in the belt" is not the usual method for DEA agents to carry their guns. Holsters of some type are preferred.

Plus, DEA agent Cummings seemed to have no ID of any kind on him. Maybe he was deeply, deeply undercover, but what he really was was in a world of shit.

The gun upped the charges nicely; he was hit with third-degree carrying of a prohibited weapon and third-degree impersonating a public servant.

If only he'd stopped by a convenience store for a "Female Body Inspector" ID, he might have got away with it.

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