Forget Erin Andrews, Rachel Nichols, Lisa Salter, Stacey Dales, Sage Steele and Krista Voda. We're Pulling for Carrie Milbank and Suzy Kolber.

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It's that time of year again. Time for Playboy.com's Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year contest. And yes, Erin Andrews is once again nominated, and no, there's nothing to indicate that Ms. Andrews will pose in her birthday suit should she win.

This is the third such contest from Playboy.com, and it looks like those guys (and gals?) are trying to turn this into an annual feature. They've expanded the field this year to include 30 sportscasters, and the ladies come from all of the national sports networks, several of the regional networks, and some online sites. Hell, one nominee doesn't even really work in sports anymore.

Among the big, well-known nominees is the current champ Erin Andrews. Also nominated is Houston's Hannah Storm, who was a nominee in the original competition. Other names you might easily know include Pam Oliver (FOX), Bonnie Bernstein (no current network), and practically the entire roster or ESPN female talent, including Rachel Nichols, Lisa Salter, Stacey Dales, Sage Steele, and Colleen Dominguez. Former nominees Melissa Stark (who I don't think works sports anymore) and Lisa Guerrero (who has posed nude for the magazine and does a sports-oriented blog for the Los Angeles Times), Hazel Mae (NESN), and Krista Voda (FOX) are also once again nominated.

The Playboy.com folks are allowing you to vote for three of the 30 candidates, and they will announce the results sometime early next year. They also leave a spot for write-in candidates, which I, once again, will be using.

I like that they seem to have gone beyond the national folks and hit the regional networks and the internets. That said, I'm disappointed to see the likes of Melissa Starks and Lisa Guerrero nominated when they're barely involved in sportscasting. I would have liked to see Houston's Carrie Milbank, the host of The Hockey Show on NHL.com, nominated.

My Carrie Milbank disappointment aside, there's another missing name that has me really upset. Because they once again refused to nominate Suzy Kolber, and this is after they failed to nominate her last year, and after she was the top write-in candidate.

That means that I'm once again launching my write-in quest to have Suzy Kolber selected as the Sexiest Sportscaster. I'm pretty sure that I'll get Joe Namath's vote. And maybe the guy's at Kissing Suzy Kolber will join in. It's not that I have anything against Erin Andrews, and would love nothing more than to see her in the pages of the magazine, but Erin Andrews isn't Suzy Kolber. And if Melissa Stark and Lisa Guerrero - neither of whom are sportscasters anymore - can get nominated, then Suzy Kolber definitely deserves the nomination.

You've got three votes per ballot. So go ahead and vote for Erin Andrews, if you must. Just remember Carrie and Suzy. -- John Royal

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