Forget Reagan's Blood: 5 Other Presidential Fluids That Should Be Auctioned

A European auction company says it plans to sell a vial of Ronald Reagan's blood, taken on the day of his attempted assassination.

While any number of Republicans might like to own the fetishistic object in order to aid their rituals which banish from memory all the things Reagan did that meant he couldn't win a GOP primary today, we think it's a little weird.

But if Presidential body fluids are going to be a marketable thing, why stop at blood?

These five items should also be available for purchase.

5. Andrew Jackson's saliva Jackson was a courier in the Revolutionary War and became the only president to have ever been a prisoner of war. During his captivity, a (suitably pompous, we assume) British general told him to spit-shine his boots.

Jackson told him no in a very colorful way, and ended up with lifelong scars on his arms and face.

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Richard Connelly
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