Former Aero Derek Boogaard: Parents File Lawsuit Against NHL, Teams

The tale of former Houston Aero Derek Boogaard has taken some sad, depressing turns since we profiled him back in 2004.

Back then he was an out-and-out goon, trying to make the NHL through his fighting skills. He became a poster boy for concussions in sports, how they're (not) treated and the repercussions that can occur.

The New York Times did an award-winning interactive feature on him, titled "Punched Out."

Boogaard died in May 2011, addicted to pain pills. His parents have now filed a suit against the NHL and the two major-league teams he played for -- the New York Rangers and the Minnesota Wild -- seeking what they say is the full amount of contract money owed them.

Courthouse News Service reports on the suit, out of Los Angeles, saying Len and Joanne Boogaard are seeking $9.8 million they say was denied them via actions by the league and players' union.

The parents say the union mishandled the grievance process that dealt with getting their son's contract paid; they said union officials blew a 60-day deadline for filing a grievance.

At no time prior to the expiration of the sixty day period did Roman Stoykewych request that the NHLPA or did the NHLPA file a grievance on behalf of the plaintiffs and against the New York Rangers for failure to pay Derek Boogard's salary for the 2011-2012 season and beyond, or any other grievance on behalf of the plaintiffs,

That caused them to miss out on $4.8 million in contract pay, the parents say; they also seek $5 million in punitive damages.

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