Former Anchor Sues KPRC For Defamation

Former KPRC Channel 2 anchorwoman Wendy Corona is suing her former news station, alleging breach of contract and defamation.

According to the lawsuit recently filed in Harris County District Court, Corona signed a four-year contract with KPRC starting in April 2006. The contract allowed the station to fire Corona after the first two years as long as they gave her at least 90 days written notice.

On January 5, a general manager at the station told Corona she had been let go. That same day, the general manager also either wrote or told someone else at KPRC to send out a memo to employees stating that Corona had been fired. Several employees subsequently told other media outlets that Corona had been sacked.

"Essentially she was blindsided," Corona's attorney, Jan Fox, tells Hair Balls. "One day she was on the air and the next day she wasn't, without notice. It's terrific damage to your public reputation to suddenly be jerked off the air due to circumstances beyond your control."

Rumors began circulating shortly after news of Corona's dismissal became public that the station shed the afternoon and early-evening co-anchor to tighten its budget. KPRC officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

However, says Fox, "Whatever their internal reasons for what they did, they dishonored her contract."

Corona is seeking damages for lost wages, benefits and damage to her reputation.

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