Former Baylor Football Coach: Stealing Newspapers Is "Best Team-Building Exercise We Have Ever Done"

Baylor football fans don't exactly get teary-eyed while reminiscing about the Guy Morriss era; in five seasons ending in 2007 he "led" the Bears to an 18-40 record. Even by Baylor football standards, that's nothing to write home about.

Morriss was replaced by former UH coach Art Briles, and has since landed -- we have very, very recently learned -- as the football coach at Texas A&M Commerce. Someone has to do it, we guess.

The A&M Battalion reports that some of Morriss' players were upset when the Commerce campus newspaper printed a story about one of them being arrested for in a drug bust. They went around campus gathering up all the newspapers and taking them away.

The campus police's incident report makes for some fun reading.

A campus police officer was told that papers were being stolen, so he checked surveillance video...from the lobby of the University Police Department. And sure enough, two Lion players were so determined to get their hands on every paper that they went into the police department to steal them.

When the officer took the accusations to athletic director Carlton Cooper, the report says, "Cooper expressed concern since he 'didn't think they were smart enough to do this on their own.'"

Yes, a vast and complicated criminal conspiracy such as this apparently takes genius, at least as it's measured at Texas A&M Commerce.

Then the investigator went to talk to Morriss. Only the front page of the report is available, so the entire interview is not public, but enough is there to show Guy Morriss as a true Baylor Man.

Shown a copy of the paper, he told the officer he "didn't read that crap." Then he went all Loophole Louie and asked how could it be stealing if the paper's free, huh? (The first copy's free; more copies are ostensibly 25 cents each.)

"I'm proud of my players for doing that," the cop said Morriss told him. "That was the best team-building exercise we have ever done."

Yeah!!! Steal all those papers who dare to report on a player's drug arrest!! Go Lions!!

Does a career arc go lower than Texas A&M Commerce?

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