Former Board Member Of The Police Union Indicted For Ripping His Colleagues Off, To The Tune of $200,000

A cop breaking the law is always disheartening. Is it worse when his victims are his fellow officers?

Probably. We'll get the chance to find out as the case of Matthew Calley develops. A Harris County grand jury indicted Calley today for theft of more than $200,000 in union funds.

Calley was a longtime member of the Houston Police Officers Union, serving on its board and chairing the Ways & Means Committee and the union's PAC, the DA's office says.

"As the chairman of these respective committees, Calley had signatory authority over the bank accounts for both the Ways and Means Committee and the Political Action Committee," the office says. "Calley had been entrusted with the sole responsibility for managing the assets of these accounts and of making expenditures in the best interest of the HPOU and its members."

And manage them he did -- allegedly to his own benefit.

HPOU President Gary Blankinship tipped off investigators after the union's bank told him of its concerns over "several suspicious and possibly fraudulent payments to a personal credit card account with HPOU funds."

From June 2003 until January 2010, the DA's office says, Calley defrauded the union of more than $200,000.

He faces up to 99 years in prison, the DA's office says.

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Richard Connelly
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