Former HPD Cop Andrew Blomberg Not Guilty in Chad Holley Case (UPDATED)

A jury has found former HPD officer Andrew Blomberg not guilty of official oppression in connection with the arrest of Chad Holley.

The video of the arrest showed officers seemingly whaling away on the teen, who was running from a burglary.

Blomberg was one of four HPD officers who were fired; the three others have not gone to trial yet.

His attorney Dick DeGuerin emphasized to the jury the small amount of time Blomberg appears on the tape. "What he did that day took guts. It took courage. It was an heroic act," he said.

Jessica Michan, spokesperson for Mayor Annise Parker, tweeted after the verdict:

Mayor @anniseparker stands with chief of police that these officers violated prisoner's rights. Doesn't agree with 'not guilty' verdict

HPD chief Charles McClelland;s reaction:

I would like to thank the jury for their hard work and dedication in listening to the evidence and rendering a decision in this case. I understand that some will disagree with the verdict, and although no system is perfect, our system of jurisprudence provides appropriate safeguards to protect our freedom.

I also appreciate the citizens of Houston and trust that they will continue to express themselves in a manner that is respectful of the rights and privileges we all share. It is important to remember that the officer that was the subject of this trial is no longer a Houston police officer and that a separate and distinct administrative process has confirmed his termination from the Houston Police Department. He will never again be a Houston Police Officer.

I also want to thank the men and women of the Houston Police Department who work hard each day and remain dedicated to protecting and serving the public in a professional manner.

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