Former State Rep Ellen Cohen Gearing Up for a Council Race?

With Anne Clutterbuck term-limited out of representing her posh and semi-posh southwest side district in 2011, who's going to take her place?

Former state rep Ellen Cohen, fresh off being a victim of the GOP tsunami, apparently is ready to step up.

Cohen told the River Oaks Examiner that she's seriously considering the race.

"It has a real appeal to me," Cohen told the paper.

Of course, Cohen's a Democrat and Clutterbuck is a Republican who won the district three times, so there's that to consider.

City council races are nominally nonpartisan, but party identity does tend to play a role.

For her part, Cohen sounds like a candidate.

"We'll have to see what the next 11 months bring, but obviously the budget issues are critical," said Cohen. "As with anything, whether you live in the city of Houston or the three cities I've been involved with (Bellaire, West University Place and Southside Place), people still want a strong infrastructure.

"You want strong police and security, and people still go to parks and breathe the air, and want a good environment.

Cohen's legislative district and Clutterbuck's council district are largely the same, covering Meyerland, Bellaire, West U, the Museum District and Upper Kirby. (CLutterbuck's, of course, does not include the independent cities.)

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