Former Texans Safety Tweets at Wade Phillips to Sign Him, So He Does

Participation on social media can be a slippery slope if you're spending a lot of time there. Loved ones and people who are, you know, ACTUALLY RIGHT THERE WITH YOU IN PERSON tend to get a little upset if you're spending an inordinate amount of time on Twitter or Facebook. While I will grant you that there are millions who are ignoring their loved ones just tweeting inane blather, there are some folks out there trying to advance their own cause, maybe even get a better job (or a job at all!), by hanging on social media. These people should be commended!

In short, there is a difference between mindlessly tweeting about Trump or Bieber or whatever, and networking. Just ask Shiloh Keo!

The former Texans safety has been out of football since 2013 when he was part of the Texans' disastrous 2-14 season. He spent 2014 out of football, but has apparently been keeping himself in football shape waiting for that call to come. It just so happens that, as legend would have it, back in 2011, when Keo was a fifth round pick of the Texans, he was a favorite of former Texans and now Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. 

So when the Broncos, who needed a safety, signed Josh Bush last week, Keo could not stand by idly and watch his former mentor show love for another fringe, street-free-agent safety...

Yes, Shiloh Keo tweeted at Wade Phillips like "Yo, bro, what's wrong with me?!?" Honestly, this story is funny even if it ended right there, with a single Twitter shot fired from Keo to Phillips. However, because Wade Phillips is awesome, naturally he replied….

I guarantee you that Wade Phillips is the only NFL coach who would feel compelled to explain the team's decision making process behind the signing of their 53rd guy to an out of work football player on social media.

Keo appreciated Phillips' candor….

Again, if this were the end of the story, this would still be hilarious and amazing. Now, it's worthy of a "30 for 30" style short video, after this news came down yesterday….

Incredible! Shiloh Keo tweeted his way into an NFL contract!

The morals of this story, because there are multiple morals here, are the following:

1. Publicly shaming an NFL team into signing you CAN work! I'm guessing Keo could've just as easily texted (as opposed to tweeting him) Phillips and been like "Hey, former boss, I'm still here if you need me!" But doing it on Twitter? Genius.

2. It always makes sense to keep in touch with people, don't burn bridges, and by all means, if you need to tweet at someone to further your personal cause, DO IT. People-who-are-near-you-in-person be damned!

3. There is officially no threshold for how low Gary Kubiak will go on the "signing a former Houston Texan" scale. I mean….Shiloh Keo?!? Sam Montgomery is now sitting by his phone up in Edmonton waiting for it to ring. (Montgomery plays for the Eskimos of the CFL.)

4. Wade Phillips is a national treasure. End of subject. 

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