Fort Bend ISD Readies A Science-Lab Taj Mahal

Residents of the Fort Bend school district have been scratching their heads over the superintendents' determination to build a "science center" -- sorry, a Global Center for Science & Technology -- that would include windmills, high-tech labs, a planetarium and a "sci-max" theater.

Part of what's got them scratching their heads is the fact that superintendent Timothy Jenney hasn't said just how much the thing might cost, beyond saying it "will cost some."

"It's too early to know what the price tag will be," he told the school board last month.

That's the type of language that should have absolutely no one reaching for their wallets in FBISD, we're sure.

Now, thanks to the website Fort Bend Now, there may be a ballpark figure for the fantasy.

They've learned that Jenney built a similar center five years ago when he was superintendent of Virginia Beach schools. That one cost $23.5 million.

Yikes. That is "some," when you're talking about a glorified science lab. (FBISD retort: But this one will have sci-max!!!)

Houston's PBK Architects (whose building-crazy ways we've written about before) gave a 3-D presentation to the school board on all this, complete with rock music, so you know this is going to be a project where every penny is watched carefully and not spent on frills.

We're guessing $30 million for eventual cost. Which could have, you know, just gone into improving labs in the Fort Bend classrooms.

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