Recognize anyone?
Recognize anyone?
Photos courtesy Fort Bend Sheriff's Office

Fort Bend Deputies Need Help Identifying Lottery Ticket Bandits

Some people will do anything to even the odds when it comes to the lottery — like use the same "lucky" Powerball numbers month in and month out; spend their paycheck on scratch-offs like "Did I Win?" (the answer is "No"); or, in the case of some enterprising dudes in Stafford last month, they'll use a power saw to break into a convenience store and steal a safe full of lottery tickets and cash.

The three-man saw-and-grab occurred June 22 at Shop & Go in the 760 block of Dulles, according to the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office. Investigators say one man sawed through the door grates (we're guessing he's the one who won the pre-caper coin toss) and two others entered the store and left carrying a red safe.

The man with the saw "was wearing all black, from head to toe." One colleague "was wearing a black and yellow pullover and black pants," and the third wore "black pants with a white stripe and he had a white rag on his head."

“Someone out there will recognize the suspect with the black and yellow jacket for sure,” Sheriff Troy E. Nehls said in a statement on the office's Facebook page. “If you know these guys and want to make some bucks the honest way, call the Crime Stoppers anonymous hotline.”

We have to agree with him on that one guy's choice to dress like a bumblebee. If you're going to saw through a store, at least try to be less conspicuous.

Anyone who has information on this crime is asked to call Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers at 281-342-TIPS (8477). You can also submit tips online: fortbend.crimestoppersweb.com. All tips are anonymous. Information leading to the arrest and charges could get you up to $5,000 — just think how many scratch-offs you could buy with that.

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