Fotofest Crashes Into Social Media


The Art of Social Media: A Conversation on Media Collision

, taking place Wednesday night at 6 p.m., promises to be informative and entertaining on more than one level. Part of the title, Media Collision, sounds pretty entertaining by itself, conjuring up visions of MySpace, Facebook and Twitter crashing full-speed into each other in some other spatial dimension.

The "happy hour lecture", designed to help artists tame the wild west of social media sites and harness their advertising power, includes Houston-based media marketing consultants Monica Danna (www.cosmopolitician.net) and Katie Laird (contributor to www.Houstonist.com and web-strategy advisor for a firm that represents the Houston Zoo, Reliant Stadium and the Houston Theater District); and Houston web-media artist Brian Piana, and will be moderated by Jenni Rebecca Stephenson (www.Spacetaker.org.)

What truly promises to be entertaining, however, are some of the folks that will attend the event.

The Media Collision talk is being held in conjunction with the FotoFest exhibition POKE! Artists and Social Media, an art exhibition based on web-based social media networks. The exhibition has been getting lots of attention from the usual Houston artist cliques to those social networking folks who sometimes seem to lack a reality-based social life.

It is the later that should heed Hair Balls' advice: Take only one picture of the really pretty girl and don't invade her space when you do it. If you just can't help yourself, keep in mind, after three photos it's just downright creepy. So, enjoy the talk, and don't forget to check out the exhibition. Besides Lee Walton acting out his Facebook friends' updates, embedded above, here are a few previews of POKE! Artists and Social Media:

Jennifer Ward, curator for POKE! Artists and Social Media:

Brian Piana explains Tweeting Colors exhibit:

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.