Found In H-Town: A Touching, Heartfelt Letter On The Eternal Verities, Middle-School Style

Walking or cycling around Houston, we always keep our eyes on the ground. We find more stuff that way, and over the years, we have found plenty, enough to publish a full, locals-only edition of Found Magazine if we chose to and could, um, find where we put all our found objects.

And while it is fun to find money, it's even more fun when we find stuff like this note, which was lying on the sidewalk somewhere inside the Loop.

We know both the sender and recipient are females from the names we've cropped out of the picture, and other documents indicate they're in middle school.

(Full text after the jump...)

(All spelling original)

Hey sexy well wat you doin?! Im here in mi casa bored since yhew left me well i wanna say that I love yhou and hope that you and that (something) jose last cause if he breaks your heart ima break is mothafucking face well words run fuccing slow so bye and i hope you write bakc i love you!

Aww...We wish we could sprinkle little love-heart emoticons hither and yon through that note, like right after "break is mothafucking face," but on second thought, the writer kinda did that for us by ending on such a tender note.

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