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Houston Texans: 2022 Pro Bowl Ballot — Four Yeas, Four Nays

Jonathan Greenard has been one of the few Texans worth celebrating.
Jonathan Greenard has been one of the few Texans worth celebrating. Photo by Eric Sauseda
It's been a gradual process throughout the last year, getting back some of the routines and staples of our sporting life. Fans coming back to stadiums has been a big deal across all sports, and the schedules and formats for each sport resuming in pre-COVID fashion have both been a huge return to normalcy.

Additionally, there are events that dotted our calendar on an annual basis before 2020, that we are seeing for the first time in two years. The NFL's Pro Bowl, its annual version of its sport's All Star Game, is one of those events that is back, and this season it will take place in Las Vegas, which significantly enhances the chances of selected players actually accepting their invitations. Vegas, baby!

The ballot for the 2022 Pro Bowl is officially out, and there are Houston Texans to vote for all over that thing. I know that sounds crazy, but here's the thing — every team is represented with at least one player (sometimes more, depending on position) at each position on the ballot. So yes, we live in a world where you can vote for David Johnson (and all 119 of his rushing yards) for the Pro Bowl.

Despite the Texans' season sliding into the figurative toilet, with a record of 1-8 at the bye week, there are a few players that I have no problem voting for. There are also some that I find damn near offensive that their names are on a Pro Bowl ballot. So in the spirit of the voting process, here are four "yeas" and four "nays" for Texans in the 2022 Pro Bowl:


Cooks has 57 catches and 641 receiving yards on a team where there is not even a discernible number two threat in the passing game, and he's had rookie Davis Mills throwing the ball to him for most of the season. Cooks has never been to a Pro Bowl, despite putting up over 1,000 yards in five of his first seven pro seasons, so this would be a nice accomplishment for him.

Greenard has been nothing short of a revelation in his second year in the league, as he currently stands fourth among all defensive ends in the NFL with seven sacks on the season, an accomplishment that is even more impressive when you consider that he missed the first two games of the season with an ankle injury.

Johnston leads all NFL punters in net punting yards, which is admittedly a volume stat somewhat aided by the fact that he plays for a team that punts the ball A LOT. Honestly, though, if there is any Texan who should symbolically represent a team that hasn't scored a road touchdown since mid-September, it's got to be the hunter, right?

There's not a lot I need to say about the longest tenured Houston Texan. Weeks, who's been the long snapper in every regular season game since the beginning of the 2010 season, is walking, talking, long snapping perfection.


Amazingly, Lindsay actually made the Pro Bowl in one of his three seasons in Denver. I say it is amazing, because if you watched Lindsay as a Texan, you would barely know he played professional football before this season, let alone at a high level. I'll defer to Aaron Reiss from The Athletic on just how bad Lindsay has been this season:

According to TruMedia’s expected points added formula, which considers down and distance, Lindsay has produced a successful run on just 18.4 percent of his carries. That’s the worst mark by any running back who has received at least 45 carries in a season since 2000. In other words, he’s had one of the worst seasons by a running back in this century.

Howard's move from right tackle last season to left guard for 2021 has been nothing short of a disaster, when you consider his level of play (he is the lowest rated guard in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus) and the importance of his success from an investment standpoint (Howard is the only former Texans first round pick on the active roster each game day).

About the only good thing I can say about Murray is that he did beat out the equally atrocious Lonnie Johnson for the right be voted into the Pro Bowl. Murray was arguably the worst contract given out by Bill O'Brien during O'Brien's GM phase, which is really saying something.

Hey, speaking of awful contracts, Fairbairn has one of the highest salaries in the league for a kicker, and he is decidedly one of the least reliable kickers in football. That, my friends, is a bad combination.

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