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Former NFL QB Chris Simms Rates C.J. Stroud 7th Best QB in the NFL

C.J. Stroud ranks very high on Chris Simms' annual ranking of NFL quarterbacks.
C.J. Stroud ranks very high on Chris Simms' annual ranking of NFL quarterbacks. Photo by Eric Sauseda
Well, we are into that part of the sports content calendar year, NFL in particular, kids, where it's sort of "no man's land" until the start of training camp in a month or so. It's the part of the NFL calendar where it's a sea of power rankings, lists, and smoking hot takes. For me, it's nirvana. I love me some power rankings, and love them even more now that the Texans are viewed through such a positive lens by football experts.

That said, one of the more prominent power rankings each offseason has become the Top 40 Quarterbacks Countdown from Chris Simms, former Longhorn quarterback, former NFL quarterback, son of Phil Simms, and current NBC football analyst and talk show host. That his list is viewed as relevant is a big testament to just how deep his hot takes cut through.

Without further ado, let's see where C.J. Stroud, who was 37th on Simms' list last season, obviously one of Simms' bigger misses, lands in 2024:
Okay, a few thoughts, starting with Stroud:

Stroud is seventh on the list, and I only have a problem with one of the names above his
This is right about where most of the experts rank Stroud heading into this season, somewhere sixth and tenth overall. As for the six in front of him here, Mahomes is a no brainer. He's the best player on the planet. I can live with Allen, Burrow, and Jackson, the reigning MVP, ahead of Stroud. Stroud himself is a card carrying Matthew Stafford lover. The only one I take issue with is Herbert, who has never won anything significant in his four seasons in the league.

Man, Deshaun Watson, how the mighty have fallen
What if I told you, at the end of the 2020 season, after leading the NFL in passing yards, that Deshaun Watson, in 2024, at the age of 28, in his-time, would be ranked in between Daniel Jones and Justin Fields in rankings like this one? Well, that's where we are right now with Watson, whose cap hit is an exorbitant $64 million this season.

Is Ryan Tannehill looking to pull a "Joe Flacco" in 2024?
The only quarterback on this list that is currently unemployed is Tannehill, who was last seen backing up Will :Levis in a lost season in Tennessee. Tannehill has had some postseason success (and some massive postseason failures, too, it should be mentioned) and, in the right system, can do some good things. He still has some of his athleticism that was his calling card when he came into the league in 2012. I could see Tannehill laying out, a la Flacco in 2023, and wait for an opening on a decent team with QB injury issues.

Bryce Young, wow. Poor Bryce Young
A year ago, he was Carolina's savior. Today, he is buried in a rankings graveyard between two former high draft picks and current journeyman (Sam Darnold and Jameis Winston), rated 34th on a list of quarterbacks in a 32-team league.

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