FOX 26 Welcomes "Children Are Sexy" Cult Co-Leader to Houston

Let's all give a big hand to Houston's local FOX affiliate for recently doing a puff interview of ex-chiropractor Dain Heer, co-leader of a cult that believes that "young children are incredibly sexy" and that the only thing your family is good for is giving you money!

This was brought to our attention by good friend and ace investigative blogger Connie Schmidt, who informed us that Heer and Gary Douglas, the founder of a group called Access Consciousness, recently relocated their headquarters from Santa Barbara to Space City. Make sure to check out Schmidt's incredible coverage of this group.

Of course, the FOX interview mentions nothing about Access, probably because it'd be a little too much to tell viewers right away that Heer's followers aren't human beings but "humanoids," an altogether separate species that subsists primarily on sugar, salt, water and "energy." And, oh yeah -- there is no "right or wrong"; those are primitive, silly "human" concepts.

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So therefore, the interview didn't cover things like: Why do parents "cut off their sexual energy towards their children," or how you're supposed to threaten to kill any "evil little fucks" who get in your way? But maybe that'll be covered in the next interview!

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