Fozzy Bear on 'Shrooms: "Gooby" Hits Theaters Next Week at WorldFest

We don't know what the folks at the upcoming WorldFest Houston Film Festival are loading their pipes with, but judging by the trailer for "Gooby", one the festival's official selections, we really want to score some.

"Gooby" is the story of ah, um; we're guessing a space alien that looks like Jim Henson's Fozzy Bear after thousand of dollars worth of plastic surgery. Gooby befriends a young sullen boy, and of course as the trailer shows, hilarious hijinks ensue.

Eugene Levy and David James "JAG" Elliott both show up in the kiddie flick as invariably meddling adults who more than likely don't understand the magic and love of Gooby. That's pretty been the blueprint for every "kid meets creature" story ever created for the big screen anyhow.

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And for that matter, what lesson are we teaching kids that you have to hide "special" friends from adults? That dude at the park in the Abraham Lincoln mask and ballet costume isn't your friend.

The film is directed by Wilson Coneybeare, whose ancestors probably lost a bet on the boat coming into Ellis Island judging by his A.A. Milne-approved last name.

"Gooby" will have its Houston premiere next Saturday night at 5pm at the AMC Studio 30 theater off Dunvale, just in time for the unofficial pot smokers holiday the following Monday.

WorldFest Houston Film Festival begins in earnest next week on April 17 and runs through April 26, playing host to hundreds of international film luminaries and hosting screenings at movie theaters around town.

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