Fr. Alberto Maullon: Priest Gets Nabbed At Adult Bookstore, Doing What Comes Naturally

The Houston Police Department, having dealt efficiently with drugs and violent crimes, has once again made time to tackle the huge, outrageous problem of guys doing it behind locked doors at adult bookstores.

We hope you all feel safer.

This week they nabbed a Catholic priest who was tending his flock in front of an undercover vice officer. Court documents show Fr. Alberto Maullon was masturbating "in a public place," meaning a Gulf Freeway adult bookstore.

KPRC has more details, and they indicate events conspired behind a locked booth door, which hardly seems too public.

An undercover officer approached and exchanged a nod with him, followed by the locked door being opened for the undercover officer.

One officer involved in the sting said, at that point "he whipped his junk out" and started masturbating for the undercover officer.

The heinous crime took place at the Big City Adult Bookstore (Motto: "Our motto is as geenric as our name") in the 10100 block of the Gulf Freeway Wednesday night.

Maullon, 52, heads St. Paul the Apostle in Nassau Bay. KPRC says the archdiocese issued a statement saying it was "saddened" but withheld further comment.

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