Frank Wilson Survival Watch, Day 9: Fat Lady's Warming Up

The Houston Chronicle and other media outlets are reporting the death knells for Metro CEO Frank Wilson seem to be getting louder.

The consensus seems to be that a Friday board meeting will end with his resignation, and former city controller George Greanias will take over on an interim basis. (Our Metro reporter is in the midst of traveling out of town, but we're working on confirming the rumors.)

No Friday meeting has been posted yet on the Metro webpage; open-meetings law requires 72 hours notice.

The Chron's Lisa Falkenberg reports that initial numbers on buying out Wilson's contract are not as imposing as had been reported. That would make a settlement easier to arrange.

The Frank Wilson Survival Watch will, it seems, end up in double-digits, in case you took the over and the line was nine days. But it doesn't look like it will get too far into those double digits.

Wilson, of course, has been dogged by criticism over the agency's transparency, over his spending, and whether the federal government feels comfortable with giving boatloads of money to Metro in its current state.

A new CEO, combined with the slew of fresh faces Mayor Annise Parker appointed to the board once she took charge, could bring a big change to the agency. It's not going to start abandoning light rail or anything, but maybe it'll be a little more open in how it goes about things.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.