Free Night Of Theater Coming To Houston, If You're Fast Enough

In the never-ending battle to get people to come see live theater, the Free Night of Theater project began five years ago in three cities.

Now it's coming to Houston.

Nationwide, over 65,000 free tickets were given away in 120 cities...which kinda makes you wonder what took Houston so long.

But beggars can't be choosers, and we should just be happy. Janel Badrino of the Houston Arts Alliance tells Hair Balls that all the answers everyone has -- what shows, what theater companies, how to get tickets -- will be answered soon.

"Around Labor Day we'll start putting information on our website," she says. Scheduling details are still being worked out.

But knowing when to call, and what shows to aim for, is important -- it's first-come, first-served for the bloc of seats companies set aside for productions. So it's important to keep your eyes posted for when to start calling.

As for the companies involved here, Badrino says "at least 20 organizations are participating somehow," mostly dance and theater companies. She says they range in size from small and feisty to large and well-known.

Nationwide, more than 100,000 free tickets will be distributed, organizers hope. Every city has its own scheduling quirks, but in Houston the free shows will be between October 8-18.

We'll keep you posted as more information becomes available; it's up to you, though, to hit the phones and the computer when the starting bell is rung.

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