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This is the face of a hardened criminal.

Free the Sabbath in the Park 20!

Matt Sonzala, aka "Party Boy," was making plans for the CMJ Music Marathon last fall when he made a quick post on a message board about heading up to NYC for Sabbath in the Park, dude!

It started out as a joke, but Brooklyn message boards soon began seeing posts along the lines of "WTF is Sabbath in the Park?" and a minor Internet phenomenon was born.

So Sonzala and his peeps did the logical thing; they decided to get together in a Brooklyn park, rock out some Black Sabbath and down a few brewskis. Random folks began showing up and they had a party on their hands.

That is, until the cops showed up and cited everyone.

"It worked out great," says Sonzala, "except we have to go to court."

Which brings us to the next installment in the saga, Sabbath in the Court!

Keep checking back here for updates on the after-party. And click here for footage of the cops doing their thing. — Keith Plocek

We at HouStoned would like to congratulate Sonzala on his blog, HoustonSoReal, recently getting its one-millionth hit. Keep up the good work, Matt. You rock almost as hard as Tony Iommi.

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