Freedom to Marry: Gays Marching Through Downtown Today

Apparently eager to be forced to buy last-second Valentine's Day gifts to people they've been married to for years, gays and lesbians will have a march through downtown later this morning.

They'll try to get marriage licenses at the courthouse, and after being refused will walk to City Hall.

"Many people (both gay and straight) aren't aware that 1,138 federal marriage protections are granted with marriage," the groups says. "Same-sex couples legally married or in civil unions in other states don't have these federal rights that would allow them to protect their families."

Mayor Annise Parker has issued a letter supporting the group:

All across this country people will be sharing Valentine's Day with the ones they love. It is a bittersweet observation in the LGBT community, where we yearn for that day when we'll have the right to marry the ones we love.

My life partner of 20 years and I would love to be able to wed in the state we call home. I know it will happen in my lifetime because the world is changing on LGBT issues

Resurrection Church is helping with the protest today.

"As a minister, Freedom to Marry is a pastoral issue. I counsel with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender couples every day who have to deal with the challenges that come from being denied the legal recognition of marriage. The law should be as committed to these families as they are to each other," Reverend Harry Knox of Resurrection said.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.