Friday Night Lights, Houston-Style: Katy Vs. The Woodlands

Hair Balls knows a little something about Katy High School Tiger football, and we've learned that the team has a fan base like no other: Adults who didn't attend the school, or have kids who did, or even grow up in the town, show up for Friday night football games and follow the team with devotion.

For example, Arthur Pertile was a longtime Midland resident before moving to Katy. On Friday night, he brought his six-year-old son to the Tigers's game against The Woodlands. It was supposed to be a night of revenge for Pertile, along with the rest of the Katy fans, considering the The Woodlands beat Katy last year 47-0, the team's worst lost in more than a decade. Pertile left that game during the third quarter because his son wouldn't stop crying.

"They just whipped us last year," Pertile told Hair Balls. "To lose like that was just a shock."

The Woodlands's fans also had something to prove this year, because despite demolishing Katy in last year's game, the Tigers went on to win the state championship and The Woodlands lost in the second round of the playoffs.

"If we would have played [Katy] later in the season, you wouldn't have seen too much of a difference," said Woodlands fan Blake Felton, whose son Brett plays on the team. "Don't get me wrong, it's a great program, but could Katy beat Westfield [the team The Woodlands beat in the first round last year]? I don't think so."

Rhodes Stadium was packed as usual, with a sea of Katy red circling the field. Last week, tickets to the game against North Shore High School (Katy won 9-7, snapping North Shore's 78-game regular-season winning streak) sold out before the game even started. So Hair Balls was a bit surprised that this week's game didn't sell out.

Katy's Will Jeffery opened the game with a 65-yard touchdown run on the first play, and it looked like Katy was set to get its revenge. But the team was unable to stop The Woodlands' running back Daniel Lasco, who finished the game with four touchdowns, and Katy lost 31-27.

"I'd think they'd be a more motivated for this game,"said Pertile. "But these are just building games. We can do the same thing we did last year."

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