Friday Night Lights, Houston Style: Memorial And Westfield

Hair Balls traveled west of Houston this weekend to check out the Memorial High School Mustangs play the Westfield High School Mustangs. We chose Saturday's game because we were told that these two schools couldn't be more different. Memorial = ritzy. Westfield = eclectic.

The game also gave us our first opportunity to check out Spring Branch ISD's Tully Stadium, and our first question is, Why?, because only about 17 people showed up to watch the game. Actually, it was probably a decent-sized crowd, even if the bands and drill teams made up about 50 percent of attendance, but the enormous Tully looked and felt empty.

To be fair, a couple fans and a cop told us that on Fridays, more people come to the games, but even on Saturday, you'd expect a high school game to have a bit of electricity. These fans cheered, but it sounded more like parents clapping for their kids in the school play.

The highlight of the game by far was Westfield's half-time show, something straight out of the Super Bowl. It was the first high school performance that we've seen that included a stage up front with singers and dancers rotating in and out during the show, all while the band, drill team and flag corps performed on the field.

The school should get some award for its half-time performances, if Saturday was anything close to the norm, because when it finished, the Memorial fans gave a standing ovation, maybe the loudest they cheered all game. We'd pay to see it again.

The football game was over early. Memorial High School scored first with a field goal, but that was the only time the school was in the game. Westfield quarterback Jacoby Walker stared, running and throwing with ease, leading his team to a 49-10 win.

For more photos of the night's events, check out our slideshow here.

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