Friends Can Be Cruel

Houston police have closed the books on yet another homicide after tracking down the final suspect in a deadly carjacking.

Moses Reed, 17, was arrested last week and charged with murder for the July 15 slaying of 53-year-old Huu Khanh Phung. Detectives had previously arrested a juvenile on the same charge who was allegedly connected to the killing.

Police say that Phung was driving along in a silver Chevy Cobalt when he stopped at a red light at the intersection of Cullen and Alameda Genoa. That's when, according to witnesses, one of the teens hopped out of a minivan and rushed over to Phung's car. Several gunshots were heard, police say, and both the minivan and the Chevy were seen fleeing the area. Phung, who had been shot to death, was found lying in the middle of the street.

Reed is currently behind bars at the Harris County jail without bond.

Most killings, police say, are not as random as an arbitrary carjacking. The majority are between folks who know each other. And there were plenty of those last week.

Willie Davis was hanging out with a bunch of friends Tuesday afternoon at 7111 Harwin when they came upon another group of guys that they knew. Police say that Davis, 27, began arguing with a couple of the other men and things suddenly turned ugly.

Investigators believe at least two of the men Davis was fighting with pulled out guns and shot Davis. When police arrived shortly thereafter, Davis was dead. Police say no one has been arrested yet and that detectives are still investigating.

In a similar vein, say police, an unidentified 26-year-old man and his unknown friend got into an argument last Tuesday. Simple enough. But it didn't stop there.

Police say that the very next day the friend returned to the man's home at 2000 Dennis, and this time he brought a gun. The friend then shot the man to death, police say, and then sped away in a green Ford Thunderbird.

Police have found the car but not the shooter. The investigation is still underway.

And finally, police found 16-year-old Rafael Leon dead in a ditch last week near 700 Evanston. Investigators say that Leon and the unknown suspect were most likely friends who had gotten into an argument before the friend shot Leon in the head.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.