Fun with City Council

Will Mayor Bill ever give the president the time of day?

From our pals at bloghouston, a gem from a memorable Houston City Council meeting's public session.

Seems City Council was visited by the president. Quoth el presidente:

"City Council Chambers, I am president Joseph Charles of royalty. I'm also the actual official president -- that is of the U.S. -- and I'm being conspired against..."

Prez Charles also said he's a "Harris County volunteer..." and that he's "been here repeatedly for to get emergency protection provided." He noted that he came to get the attention mayor Bill White, namely to get "cash funds released" in the amount of "thirty-nine million,"

KTRK/Houston Indymedia
Senator Horton has been known to throw down in Council.

Just when things start getting really good, *ding* the bell cuts him off. But wait, there's more: Senator Robert Horton, who, brandishing a world map, sez:

"Now look here, I'm the wealthiest, most powerful around the world. I'm over all these countries and all these flags here..."

He also talked fiscal issues, defending his expenditures: "I'm spending billionses -- I make so many mal-innion, or quas-illions, or zillions per second...I make money in every time zone."

Watch for yourself, and see if you're not inspired to address City Council. (Hmm, howsabout "Duke of HouStoned?") -- Steven Devadanam

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