Fun with Google Trends

Okay, so it’s Friday, and we’re feeling a bit brain-dead and slap-happy. But we’ve found the perfect way to entertain – and inform – ourselves on this beautiful afternoon. Google Trends! You enter a term, and this amazing tool will list the top ten cities that have searched for it. In other words, it lets us see what Houston, as a whole, is thinking about.

To start with the important stuff, it appears Houston is thinking about titties (we’re the No. 2 titties searchers), but strangely enough, not boobs, breasts or knockers. Also, we like our nipples (No. 4). We like butt (No. 8) and dick (No. 10), but not penis, vagina, S&M, porn, foot fetish, cum, pussy or incest (turns out that’s big in India).

Houston has no time for calories, exercise or the phrase “stop smoking” (although Dallas comes in at No. 8). We’re big on oil (No. 2), but not war. And finally, we leave Britney Spears to the folks in Mexico City, but are the No. 1 searchers of the names Anna Nicole Smith and George Bush.

Bonus: Which city has done the most Tupac searches? Lima, Peru. – Cathy Matusow

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