Funky Winkerbean Comes To Houston, For Better Or Worse

Funky Winkerbean is an awful, awful, so-bad-it's-good comic strip, one that tries vainly to impart depth by having every character suffer from cancer, post-traumatic stress, alcoholism, loss of limbs -- the list goes on. Everything gets handled in the end with a lame pun that shows brave humor in the face of setbacks, puns which are met or delivered with the worst-drawn wry grins ever inflicted on the reading public.

The only reason to read it is to keep up with its evisceration on The Comics Curmudgeon.

And now it's featuring Houston!!

Lead character Les Moore has written a book on his wife dying of cancer, and is now on a book tour that inexplicaby includes the Today show, because first books by unknown authors about their wives dying of cancer always get spots on Today.

This week the tour takes Moore to Houston, where he is speaking at the Brazos Bookstore. In front of a roomful of very bored Houstonians, it seems.

Strip author Tom Batuik told the Houston Chronicle, which carries Funky, that he used Brazos because of a successful trip here plugging the book he did containing all the hilarious, touching strips depicting the wife's death.

The bookstore itself is happy.

What's next for Houston -- Mary Worth?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.