Gadhafi: Libya's a Lot Like Waco

Libya leader Muammar Gadhafi, (a.k.a. He Of Many Spellings), the absolute top man these days for giving bizarre speeches who isn't named Charlie Sheen, rocked the house again today.

In a sprawling speech that sometimes, but not too often, flirted with reality, Gadhafi said the young protesters had been given hallucinogenic pills and that Libyans were all really charter members of the Gadhafi Fan Club.

Oh, and he said Libya was a lot like Waco.

Is it the Baylor Green flag? The strict religious codes? Does Tripoli have a lot of chain restaurants and a main attraction that is devoted to a soda?

No. It's because of the Branch Davidians. Somehow.

One report said:

Gaddafi promised to "execute" dissidents and approved the use of government violence -- comparing what could happen in Libya -- to incidents in China's Tiananmen Square, Waco, Texas and the Branch Davidians, and Fallujah, Iraq.

Waco!! Come for the Baptists, stay for the state-sanctioned violence!!

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