Gadhafi, Transvestites & the Reagan Administration Making AIDS Jokes

Muammar Gadhafi -- a.k.a. he who cannot be Googled -- is dead, according to Libya. Not to mention graphic video of his dead body.

Gadhafi's loss robs the world of the leader who most looked like the current Bob Dylan, and there really isn't a good Plan B in that category.

Libya's joy in the loss of its dictator is leavened -- only very, very, very slightly -- by the fact that one of the planet's most eccentric leaders is gone. You just don't make them much nuttier than Gadhafi, assuming you don't include the Korean peninsula.

There are many Gadhafi stories to tell, but out favorite includes the hilarious jests aimed his way by the Reagan Administration.

Several books take note of the 1986 conversation; here's one.

Among his quirks, Gadhafi was rumored to be a transvestite who liked to surround himself with hunky blond jocks as bodyguards.

So in the hallowed halls of the White House, President Reagan opined on one way to capture him: "Why not invite Gadhafi to San Francisco, he likes to dress up so much."

Ha-HA!! But even that witticism was topped by Secretary of State George Schultz, who replied, "Why don't you give him AIDS?"

Ladies and gentlemen, the wit and wisdom of the Reagan Administration!!

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