Galveston Beaches To Open, Whether You Want Them Or Not

The beaches of Galveston -- at least those by the seawall -- are expected to be open to swimmers tomorrow.

Not without a bunch of warnings, though.

Not only have the beaches been heavily eroded, but there are new riptides out there, sunken damage you can't see and who knows what else.

Here's the comforting assessment by the beach patrol:

The rip currents are much stronger than before, and the topography of the Gulf floor has changed, he said.

There are broken pieces of piers and signs that aren’t visible from the water’s edge. Warning signs on the beach won’t be replaced for weeks, maybe months.

The foundations of some beachfront homes, torn down in the 1970s, are now exposed.

Swimmers could easily step on a chunk of concrete, piece of rusted rebar or barnacles that have long attached themselves to submerged structures.

That's what Beach Patrol Chief Peter Davis told the Galveston County Daily News today.

So grab those floaties, kids!! Also, bring tons of mosquito spray, Fix-A-Flat for all the debris on the street, and anything that will help you cope with no electricity.

-- Richard Connelly

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