Galveston Begins Latest Push For Casinos With Poll

Just about everyone in Galveston wants casinos, the Galveston Chamber of Commerce has announced.

At least just about everyone who was polled by the Chamber, that is.

The organization has announced the results of a poll of members and non-members that finds 79 percent of respondents support casinos on the island.

The poll was website-based, so it's not the most scientific thing in the world, but it's notable for the way the results are being touted.

The Chamber met yesterday to discuss the poll and prepare for the next legislative session, and it looks like they'll be pushing for a local referendum on the question.

"The people have indicated they want to have a voice and they want to have a vote. We need to be at the table to protect our business interests with whatever plan the legislature develops," Fred Raschke, chairman of the group's board, said.

Two-thirds of the poll respondents said any casino law from the state should include a local option whereby Galveston voters would decide whether or not to bring gambling to the island.

Given the financial resources behind gambling, we can't imagine how inundated mailboxes would be, or what surprising endorsements might come.

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