Galveston Mayor Joe Jaworski Says Ignore Those Tar Balls (All Seven Gallons Of Them)

Galveston Mayor Joe Jaworski, who despite what his windblown shirt seems to indicate is not a corpulent man, wants "to assure you that the small amount of tar balls were immediately removed."

All 32 miles of Galveston beaches are pristine and clean, by Galveston standards.

Of course, that "mayorBroll" header puts us in mind of only one thing.....

Yeah, they got that B-roll!!! (Even if they don't have embedding.)

We're wondering what this tar-ball mania in Texas will do to the state's reputation. Other Gulf states are dealing with slushy blackened waves of oil spill; we get seven freakin' gallons of tar balls and there's media overload.

Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson is harrumphing that BP will pay for all the costs of the clean-up here. (Here's a check for $43.81, Jerry.)

Maybe some day Texas beaches will get affected by the spill, but it hasn't happened yet, people.

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