Galveston Opera House Looks To January Opening

Galveston's Grand 1894 Opera House announced today it's hoping to re-open in January.

The fall season has been postponed, and the staff offices have limited web access so the company's web site has been unable to provide much info for subscribers and fans.

Executive director Maureen Patton, however, updated matters in an e-mail:

The fall portion of the 2008-2009 Season has been suspended for the time being until we can get a more accurate estimate of when the theatre will be ready to re-open. I have begun the process of rescheduling those dates so that we can announce all changes just as soon as possible. My hope is that we will be ready to re-open by January and celebrate our 114th birthday together with an open house and sing-a-long with our good friend Rob Landes at the piano.

Patton says most of the staff is working off-site, and the main offices are operating on limited generator power.

It doesn't seem to faze her, though:

"As I have said over and over these last two weeks, I am and always have been "hard-wired" with a strong sense of optimism," she writes. "My glass and those of all of us at The Grand, are still half-full, albeit with salt water."

-- Richard Connelly

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