Galveston Paper Issues Correction On Who Called It Racist

The Galveston County Daily News had a story this morning somewhat innocuously headlined "NAACP leader: 'I did not make that comment'."

It got more interesting when you read what the comment in question was, and when you know that Dolph Tillotson is the publisher of the Daily News. As today's story put it:

In the article, "Exchanges get heated at GHA meeting," David Miller was identified as the source of the comment, "Dolph Tillotson runs the most racist newspaper in the state."

David Miller, head of the local NAACP, said he didn't make that comment, which came at a meeting of the Galveston Housing Authority.

"I did not make that comment," Miller told the News. "It was said, forcefully, by someone close by me, but it is not my job to tell you who that person was."

It's apparently not also his job to say he disagrees with the statement.

The News said "the identity of whoever said it is now in doubt" and that attempts to have other meeting attendees ID the speaker were unsuccessful.

The Housing Authority is at the center of a bitter dispute over how to replace public housing lost to Hurricane Ike, and the debate has at times taken on racial overtones.

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