Galveston Police Department's Stuffed Closet

Is the property room at the Galveston Police Department the worst ever?

There's a ferocious debate going on about that very subject.

After a civilian property-room employee was indicted over missing cash and drugs, GPD asked for an audit by something called the Texas Association of Property and Evidence Inventory Technicians .

After a two-month review, TAPEIT founder Kolene Dean said the room was the most disorganized operation she'd seen in 30 years.

New GPD chief Charles Wiley disagreed.

“I’ve seen some pretty shabby property rooms in my life,” he said.

Still -- even with that ringing endorsement -- Wiley pledged to adopt all the recommendations Dean made.

The list pretty much came down to "common-sense things to do if you're running a police property room."

Like "There's no need to keep guns from cases that were closed 30 years ago." You know, stuff like that.

Wiley took over the troubled department earlier this month and has pledged to turn it around.

He's a Galveston native, a Ball High grad, who had been running the HISD police force. In whose property room, one assumes, there isn't usually $18,000 in loose cash sitting around waiting to be stolen.

-- Richard Connelly

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