Galveston Releases A Damage-Assessment Map

The city of Galveston has released its first damage-assessment maps after Ike.

There are three maps listed here.

The one most people are interested in is the first, from 61st Street east.

Increase the size of the blow-up on the toolbar to, say, 50 percent and you get a pretty good idea of how bad things are.

The city says:

The city’s initial assessment of the community’s 24,000 structures noted the structure’s damage and current condition. These evaluations translated into color-coded FEMA categories that reflect the property’s degree of inhabitability.

All island properties were originally assigned one of three colors based on the structure’s current condition: Red: unsafe; leaning; structurally unsound; completely destroyed; collapsed or structure missing. Yellow: general interior flooding; wind damage; or significantly damaged, but repairable. Green: no damage or only minor damage; or missing siding; shingles; handrails; breakaway walls.

There's a whole lot of yellow on the map, not to mention the area of dark gray near the coast that signifies, simply, "flood area."

-- Richard Connelly


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