Galveston Sets Most Important World Record of All Time

They said it couldn't be done.

Well, they were probably actually saying it shouldn't be done, but Galveston went ahead and did it anyway. Their announced attempt to set the world record for most people doing a choreographed umbrella dance -- yes, the category exists -- went off without a hitch this weekend at the Mardi Gras, with more than 500 people doing the Hokey Pokey.

"That's what it was all about," said Erin Dhonau, who helped coordinate the event. "The dance was hilarious and fun, and even more important than earning the world record was being able to see so many people come together and have a good time."

Don't go celebrating too hard just yet, though. The whole thing must be officially verified by the Guinness Book of World Records, who we assume employ the planet's most exacting choreographed-umbrella-dance experts in order to ensure no fraud or chicanery occurs.

The wails of despair you might have heard this weekend came from Bath, England, which holds -- until Galveston's effort is okayed -- the current record, with a mere 300 people.

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