Galveston's Flagship Hotel: Going Once, Going Twice.....

The Flagship Hotel, that iconic building on a pier in Galveston, seems to forever be endangered. It now looks like it's more endangered than ever.

The strange, twisty tale of the now semi-battered building might be coming to a conclusion, the Galveston County Daily News reports. Landry's Restaurants, Inc., which owns the building, is looking to sell it or demolish it, the paper says.

In its place would be....another Kemah Boardwalk-like "attraction," with restaurants and overpriced rides.

The company is in talks with a potential buyer, who they describe to the News as "serious." We're guessing that means it isn't Daniel Yeh, who owned the rights to manage the hotel for a long while and let it slide. Yeh was convicted of scamming FEMA after Katrina, even though his own attorney offered such sterling descriptions of him as "He can function. I mean, he's not like...a raving lunatic. He's not Anthony Hopkins. But he doesn't have the ability to discern things [and] can't make executive decisions."

There's still litigation going on between Landry's and Yeh's company, mostly because there are still insurance claims to hash out.

If someone wanted to buy the 45-year-old Flagship and restore it, they'd probably have to gut it completely, officials told the News.

Or they could just put up Kemah South, and Tilman Fertitta could impose even more of his taste on the island.

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Richard Connelly
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